We Feto Fouk

Oe Alas (forest of rattans) was traditionally a territory of the Kingdom Lookeu (Koba Lima). It is now in West Timor and a part of the Kingdom of Dafala (wife-takers to Lookeu).In Oe Alas there is a spring called We Feto Fouk (feto fouk=daughter-in-law). Here on occasions a ceremony will be held and holy water will be taken from the spring back to the sacred house of Uma Mahawar where it will be sprinkled over a new daughter-in-law (who is also called feto uma nain = the custodian of the house), during a special prayer,who will be blessed with matak malirin and welcomed as a new member of Uma Mahawar (see also Vroklage 1952a: 353-357; Neonbasu 2005:322). As in other water sprinkling ceremonies the green leaves used to sprinkle the holy water over the new daughter-in-law is taken from the kalirin bush (kalirin=making cool).
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