We Biku (Fatumea)

In Fatumea there is spring We Biku (biku=does not flow or spread or piling up).

We Biku

Nee ita hotu hotu niakan

Ita hotu hotu

Biku iha nia

 We Biku 

Belongs to us all 

All of us

Are piled up there. 

From this origin spring as the eternal mother, the eternal life-generating and life-bearing mother, we get two more springs: We Sei, where the water flows through bamboo (au) and falls to the ground (male) and We Hali, the water where the woman sits like the banyan (hali) roots (female). 

We Hali, lihun neefeto 

We Sei, sei nee mane

We Hali na mamar we sei 

We Hali, the pool is female

We Sei, the flowing down water (like from the waterfall) is male

The female entices the male 

We lihun mesan dei la dadi

We Sei-We Hali, foin dadi

We Biku sai We Hali-We Sei

Water pools alone cannot generate life

The encounter between We Sei-We Hali generates life 

From We Biku comes We Hali-We Sei

foin nia ha'ak wa'i mata) or consciousness.
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