We Bukurak (Fatumea)

We Bukurak (buku=a dark colour, rak=blood), is another sacred spring at Fatumea, where the spirits of the dead and the living enter and exit from this world (raiklaran). It is in the rainforest called Alas Bei Laran (lit. 'the forest of the heart of the ancestors') on the slope of the Bei Ulun Molik mountain. What happens in the spring water is an exchange of blood between the newly born (through the blood of life) and the blood which leaves the bodies of the dead several days after death (the blood of death). Hence this water is the place of transfer between life and death, the souls pass in and out transferring their blood in the water, the ultimate cosmic exchange (in the underworld male and female intermingle). Although the water of We Bukurak is not drinkable, it is sacred water. It has a yellow and red colour that looks like blood. The story was told (with respect mixed with fear) to us thus:

We Bukurak

Ita moris husi nia

Itakan ina niakan raan

Raan iha mak ita iha

We Bukurak

We are born from her

She is our mother's blood

Where there is blood there is life

Moris s tuir We Bukurak

Moris mos tuir nia 

Ita hotu hotu sai 

no lakonmos tuir nia

Birth follows We Bukurak

Death also follows her path

We all emerge and die following her path

Hosi We Bukurak ne

Sai ema hotu hotu

Metan, mutin, makerek

From We Bukurak

Everyone emerges

Black, white, coloured.
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