Wai Bu'u Wai Daba

The story of Wai Bu Wai Daba spring in the village of Gariuai involves two girls who were bathing at the spring when one complained that the water was not deep enough. Suddenly the waters rose and she was lost beneath them. The other girl, went to fetch the family of the lost girl and on their return they find the lost girl had transformed into a stone in the middle of the spring. A voice from the spring advises the families to return the following day. They did so and found a great herd of buffalo had begun emerging from the spring onto the surrounding plain at Wai Rana. A male buffalo appeared with swords, coral necklaces and gold on his horns. Worried that the buffalo herd would overflow the area, the dead girl's family called out that that was enough bufalo. The gifts brought by the male buffalo become the sacra of this family's sacred house and while the true owners are now all dead, these objects are still important today in the houses of Bahamori and Gariuai.
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