Wai Mori Mata

In Buibau close to Wailili there is a spring known as Wai Mori Mata. The story of the spring revolves around a woman, the daughter of a ruler from the Wai Mori region, who moved to the area to marry into a local house. As she was reluctant to leave birth home, her father arranged that her 'alin' (younger sibling) should travel with her and live with her in her new home to help with her needs and keep her company. This 'alin' took the form of a bamboo length of water drawn from the spring of Wai Mori. When the woman arrived in her new home, this water was thrown on the ground and transformed into the spring of Wai Mori Mata ('the child of Wai Mori'). The role of the spring, like that of a youngest sibling, was to assist the woman in her tasks of boiling water, making rice soup and washing clothes.
Type of spring
Waima'a: 'the child of Wai Mori'
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