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Au Baka

Uma Lulik: Kai Leki

At the edge of the savanna on the Baucau plateau at a spring called Au Baka (Aubaca) and its associated origin house Kai Leki (W: 'Leki's forest') comes a story of people emerging through water out of the ground. It is said that at a time in the distant past, three brothers emerged from the earth clinging to the back of a buffalo. The oldest brother was sitting closest to the head of the buffalo, but his younger siblings then scrambled to grab onto the buffalos horns and hence they emerged first. The old brother conceded defeat, allowing his brothers to clamber into the light, he returned back underground into the darkness with his buffalo charge. Before doing so, however, he relayed to his younger siblings a range of strict prohibitions (lisan) with which they must abide to be able to live in the light earth. Lastly he told them to be sure to return to this same location the next morning. When they did so the next day, they found a spring had emerged from out of the ground and floating on the water asleep inside the leaves of a rootless lily (bili) was a baby girl who came to be known as Bui Bili. When this girl grew up, she married the older of the two brothers, whose name was Baka [Au Baka]. Meanwhile the youngest brother descended from the savanna to the marine terrace zone and married the daughter of the (rice growing) house of Weu Ho'o in the village of Boile, which today forms a part of central Baucau.
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