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Wai Husu

Uma Lulik: Kotalale

A major spring in Teolale feeding three major irrigation channels to Baucau's rice fields. 

The Waima'a speaking custodians of Wai Husu record that their ancestors arrived from Luca, but in this case in the form of an eel which emerged from the spring and transformed into a woman. Exiled from Teolale and moving to Caisidu five generations ago, the custodians of this spring return each year from Caisidu to Baucau to carry out ancestral rituals and feed the spirits of that spring. The story of this exodus and their ongoing connection to Wai Husu was told to me by one of the area's lia na'inJoao Graciano Simoes (Tetu Noko):

The house of Caime went from Teolale to live at Caisidu. The younger brother house of Loime in Tirilolo stayed in Baucau [and intermarried with the Makasae]. First they travelled west to Vemasse, Lenau, Wai Wono and then back to Ossu-Wa [near Caisidu]. The owners of the land (Wai Luo and Wai Hau) received them and said you can not return to Teolale you must stay here. They had a ceremony and killed many animals. They were told that they must respect the sacred water, rocks, forest, potatoes, yams and trees. We respect their custodial jurisdiction over these things until this day. They are the mother-father clans. Our main house is Kotalale.

Water is scarce here. We must travel to the springs of Wai Haulale, Tuo Ho'o Oli, Aubaca, Caibada and Wani Uma. When we fetch water we use bamboo and measure its use carefully. This is a dry land. 

Where we came from in Teolale there is a spring called Wai Husu [whose spirit guardian originates from Luca]. This does not belong to the Makasae, although they live in that area now. At this spring we always offer pigs to the water spirit from Luca. The people from Kotalale, Caisidu return each year to carry out these ritual offerings at Wai Husu. The Makasae people living there now can not carry out these rituals. We carry out the ritual feeding. When it is time for the ceremonies we will always take pigs for the sacrifices.
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Spring Complex
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