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Wai Kusilale

From the mountains of Ossu comes the story of Wai Kusilale (told by Rai Olo) . In the distant past this spring came into conflict with [the people of] another spring and as a result morphed into a family and left the region heading for the drylands of the north coastal zone. Wai Kusilale was left bereft of water.

Later an elder from Ossu set out for the trading port of Manatuto in order to trade rope (and therefore be able to pay his taxes to the Liurai of Ossu). As he travelled through the drylands to Manatuto he came across the family in Vemasse. 'Where are you going?' asked the old man of the husband, wife and children. 'We have packed up our belongings and are looking for a home in the drylands' they said. 'We have not been treated well at home'. Hearing this, the old man asked them to wait where they were and returned to Ossu to organize a major ceremony at the spring of Wai Kusilale. 

At this community ceremony the spring's custodians were 'fed' a red buffalo and implored to return in ritual prayer. Following this 'feeding', the water gushed back up out of the ground refilling the spring of Wai Kusilale. It did this with such force that the old man was knocked off his feet. 

Later, when he once more passed through the drylands of Vemasse all that remained where the family once stood was a tiny spring of water.
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