Wai Lewa

Mythical ancestor and founder of Baucua (formerly known as Wai Lewa)

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Wai Lewa
Lisa Palmer 19-Nov-2010 21-Mar-2012
bee matan
Wai Lewa
Uma Lulik: bee geralsuco Bahu

According to Major Ko'o Raku (lia na'in suco Bahu), at some undefined point after the emergence of mountain peaks and dry land from a world of water, the first people of what is now Baucau descended from the central peaks of the Mundo Perdido range (according to this account they descended at the same time as four other parties who founded settlements elsewhere in the north east region). The two people who arrived in Baucau were a husband and a wife and they found themselves in a stony dry land bereft of water. So that they might eek out a living in this place, the husband set off for seven days and seven nights and returned to his wife with a bamboo cylinder full of sacred water from the southern kingdom of Luca. He threw down the water between the gap in his wife legs and a spring spewed forth out of the ground. This man took on the name of Wai Lewa and he became the founding father of Baucau, which was known then by the name of its spring Wai Lewa.
Lisa Palmer 04-Dec-2014