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Wai Lili

1. Wai Lili

2. Wai Wa

3. Wai Lakulo

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Wai Lili
Wai Lili is the name for a spring complex in the Wai Lili village.Wai Lakulo, is the head spring in the spring
water complex, which was once an important ritual centre (also connected to Baucau's Wai Lia spring-together they were kniwn as Wai Husu-Wai Lewa Wai Lili-Wai Wa. In the twentieth
century the Catholic Church arrived and erected a grotto at the site known as
Bo'o Dai (W: sacred) where ritual offerings were made to the Wai Lakulo. Then
during the Indonesian occupation sacred objects associated with the spring were
said to have become lost. These sacred objects, collectively named Baha Kura
Mesa Baha Dala Hitu (comprising a coral necklace, a sword, a gong and a spear) are
needed to properly carry out the rituals at the spring of Wai Lakulo.
In the ancestral past, these sacra were carried every year by the custodians of
the waters who would enter the spring and travel up its underground chasms
calling the waters forth and searching for its origins. They would travel for
seven days and seven nights and while they never reached the waters source,
after this yearly ritual the waters of Wai Lakulo would always flow well. While
subsequent generations of custodians carried out their rituals beside rather
than entering the spring, they would always have with them the ritual sacra
carried by the ancestors.
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