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Wai Lia Mata

Uma Lulik: Ledatame Ikun

During water increase rituals carried out at Wai Lia Bere the sacrifices of larger animals (buffalo, goats) will take place outside the entrance to Wai Lia Bere, while the sacrifice of additional smaller animals takes place at Wai Lia Bere's wii, or wife, a cave water source known as Wai Lia Mata (M: mata=small) which is located two kilometres away. While the main ceremony and sacrifice is carried out above ground, a portion of the cooked meat and rice will be placed on plates fashioned out of bamboo lengths and carried by ritual leaders down into the water cave where it is left on a ledge as an offering to the ira gauhaa (Makasae: 'custodians of the water') who are manifest as pythons.
Type of spring
Spring Complex
Other name
Wai Lia Ana
Waima'a/Makasae: 'small/ cave water' (Wai Lia Kiik)
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