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Arquivo ida ne’e konaba kultura ho bee iha Timor Leste. Hahu husi Baucau, Lisa Palmer Mok (The University of Melbourne) halo pesquiza hamutuk ho lia na’in sira ho bee na’in sira iha parti leste, Baucau to’o Luca mos ba Maubisse ho Fatumean (2010-2015). Iha website laran iha istoria barak husi bee matan oin oin ho uma lulik sira iha Timor, barak liu iha Baucau ho Viqueque. Bainhira ita koalia konaba lisan ho bee, ita mos bele hatene buat barak konaba kumunidade nia istoria, lisan, direito mos no prosesso fiar malu konaba rai ho bee. Tamba ida ne’e arquivo kulturatimorhobee.com mos importante ba estadu ho sira seluk para sira bele hatene kultura, lisan ho prosesso tau matan konaba bee iha Timor.

Se hakarak contribui ba arquivo ida ne’e favour kontaktu: lrpalmer@unimelb.edu.au.


This archive contains stories of East Timorese water cultures. Starting from the town of Baucau in the east of the country and branching out from there, Lisa Palmer Mok (The University of Melbourne) has carried out research together with local ritual leaders, custodians of the water and other community members in order to collect stories on the social and cultural significance of water (2010-2015). Inside the archive there are many video and written stories relating to particular springs and their associated sacred houses, especially those in the districts of Baucau and Viqueque. By investigating the significance of cultural beliefs and practices around water, we can also glean important insights into local histories, cultures, and rights relating to land and water. As a result this archive is also an important resource for governments and others who wish to learn more about local beliefs and practices, rights and processes of negotiation and sharing in relation to water in Timor Leste.

This research was supported by a grant from the Australian Research Council (2009-2012). If you would like to contribute to the archive please contact: lrpalmer@unimelb.edu.au.

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